High-End Portable Dj Rotary Mixers.

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The Design

Wooden panels,  the light, compact and ergonomic design, so no accidental touching of other pots by mistake, which is ideal for live performances. One of the most important aspects of the our equipment is that they are very easy to setup, forget about racking, is just plug and play.

Technical Specification N77

2 channel stereo mixer, 3 band ‘Isolator’ on the output, 3 band EQ control on each channel, RCA and XLR balanced output level (booth & main outs), 2 line & 2 phono RCA inputs, Backlit VU meters (output), LED Clip indicator,  Cue indicator, Fx send & return, high power headphone output, High quality Alps ‘Blue Velvet’, Audiophile grade op-amps, External universal power supply, High grade toggle switches & knobs, Wooden side panels, 120 – 240 Vac.50-60hz , Solid construction & portable.


PHONO STAGE:  MM cartridge RIAA 47kohm 3 to 100mV 
LINE IN: >47k ohm -10 to +12dB 
MIX OUT L,R (XLR) Servo Balanced XLR male >600 ohm +4dBu
  • BOOTH OUT: XLR) Servo Balanced XLR male >600 ohm +4dBu
  • ISOLATOR: LOW 0-280Hz, MID 250Hz – 2.5 K, HIGH 2.5K – 20k (18db/octave)
  • FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 20Hz – 25K hz +/- 1db
  • 3-band EQ per channel: -18db to +12db (200hz, 1khz, 8kHz)
  • CHANNEL GAIN: -20db – +14db
  • Distortion < 0.003% THD+noise @1kHz
  • Crosstalk > -93dB Inter-channel
  • Signal to Noise ratio > 87db
  • Headphone Amp: 1.5W + 1.5W
  • LED CLIP: +8db
  • AC mains 110 to 240V AC @ 60hz -50hz

The Fluted Knobs

Black Fluted Knobs Silver Center, 16mm, 27mm, 33mm to provide an accurate level control. Also RCA knobs are commune in our mixers.

The Pots

The potentiometers are made by ALPS, a company established in 1948 from Japan who are one of the most important electronic manufacturers ever. The smooth feeling of these potentiometers make the rotary performance a pleasure to operate and give precise control.

VU Analogue Meters

Analogue VU meters offer a more precise indication of level  than that of led meters. Therefore we have integrated a pair of analogue VU meters -20 – +6db to show a more accurate measurement of the output level.

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